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Item Name: Now That's A Story
Item Price: $16.00


DVD Learn storytelling tips and see several of the greatest stories ever told.
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Item Name: Bringing Out The Winner In You
Item Price: $16.00
DVD  You are about to discover how to apply winning techniques to help you become a speech winner or a winner in life by pulling out that winner in you.
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The Lifting Of The Veil

 Item Name: The Lifting Of The Veil;

             Words Of A Male Romantic
 Item Price: $26.00


Book and CD Romantic poetry from one man's perspective. The veil of Machismo is lifted and inner feelings are exposed.
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A World Of Difference: From Quiet and Shy, To World Champion Speaker


Here are a few of the things you’ll find in this amazing book.


         •You can become a world speaking champion or any kind   of champion.
         •At the championship level everyone is good so you’ve got to be a little better. Do a little more.
         •Just when I thought the speech was ready, a temporary setback stopped my world.

         ...and so much more!!!


 Item Name:   A World Of Difference:

                From Shy and Quiet, to

                World Champion Speaker
 Item Price: $12.97

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When Your Message Matters
...and it always matters

This one-day seminar was presented by 3 speaking professionals and will help you to become the speaker you want to be. From this 4-CD set that includes the workbook and slides, you'll learn:

  • Your presentation is not about you, it's about the message

  • How to organize your speech

  • How to use your voice effectively

  • Effective use of stories

  • How to make your presentation slides more powerful

This seminar covers presentation skills for business leaders and speakers and will move your speaking skills to to the next level.

 Item Name:   When Your Message Matters
 Item Price: $149.97
4-CD set,
includes seminar workbook and PowerPoint slides
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Pop Culture: A Father's Significance


Pop Culture, A Fathers Significance takes you on a journey and a discovery. It has nothing to do with speaking but is a story that had to be written.

The journey begins with a father who chooses to ignore that his son even exists. Then one day the father comes into his life, not by choice but in a most unusual way. Thus begins the son’s personal discovery. Through Introspection he discovers the connection between fathers and children and love and forgiveness

 Item Name:   Pop Culture: A Father's Significance
 Item Price: $11.95
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